About Us

Voices provides a method for advocacy, using documentary theatre and strategic communication as key components. Our projects address human rights and women’s rights issues and are always contextualized and implemented by our local partners.

So what are we? Ethical lobbyists? Public diplomacy consultants? Innovators?

We are, in fact, a combination of all three.

Voices combines documentary theatre and ethical lobbying in a method that catalyses change built on emotion.

At Voices we believe that the best way to achieve change is to do it together. Therefore, we identify the key stakeholders in the issue and context that our clients want to address and create a platform where they can work together. In our case, a documentary play.



Hedda began developing the Voices-method in 2009 when for the first time she brought decision makers on to the the theater stage.

She is an award-winning Swedish-born theatre artist who has spent the last 20 years writing, producing and acting in over 30 countries.

She holds a Master of Fine Arts from University of Washington and a bachelor of arts from Bennington College, VT, USA.

”I am passionate about re-thinking and re-claiming the role of the arts as catalyst for social change and as a bridge between civil society, decision makers and enterprise. I am happiest seeing people and organizations try on new perspectives and new ways of working, and experiencing their pride and feeling of ownership in the projects we cooperate around.”


Email: hedda@voicesprojects.com
Phone: +46 (0) 706 73 73 72





Managing Director

Ida has been working with the different projects of Voices since 2013. Before that she worked as a public diplomacy consultant at the Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade, Serbia. She studied Human Rights and Economics at Lund University and Strategic Public and Political Marketing at Stockholm University.

“For me the biggest motivation is to meet people that inspire me. Through Voices I get the opportunity to meet people from all over the world who work for change. From activists, students and journalists to NATO-generals, politicians and celebrities. It’s the greatest feeling to be able to provide them with a tool that strengthens their work and brings so many people together.”


Email: ida@voicesprojects.com
Phone: +46 (0) 706 08 34 03



Tove has been working with Seven on Tour since 2009, when she organized a student reading at the University of Leeds. Since then she has been part of the work leading up to where Voices is today. Alongside her work with Voices, Tove has been involved with grassroots campaigns and activism in India, Sweden and currently the UK, and focuses on the power of education and capacity building in order to create sustainable social change. Currently she is enrolled on the Erasmus MA, Adult Education for Social Change.

“Working with Voices makes me feel immense hope for the future we are creating everyday. The way that we share a solid tool, crafted from years of experience, combined with the space for our partner organizations to be what they are, experts, creates an inspirational and sustainable method of working together to create change.”


Email: tove@tovee.se

Hedda Produktion AB is the company behind Voices.

For the past 9 years the company has developed the method and projects that are now gathered under the name Voices.

Read more about Hedda Produktion here.


We know that there are lots of people, organizations, companies and governments that try to do good. But we believe that there is a lot to gain by coordinating efforts between stakeholders that are all working to achieve the same thing. Of course, this might seem obvious. But how to do it without compromising the individual agendas of the stakeholders involved?

This is how we do it.


Quick facts

Since 2008, we and our partners have

  • toured over 30 countries
  • worked in more than 27 languages
  • produced over 250 readings for an audience of more than 40 000 people
  • cast over 1200 men and women who have lent their voices to the people portrayed in the plays including journalists, activists, politicians, athletes, NATO-generals and celebrities
  • worked with over 120 organizations and government agencies on local, national and regional level