By Hedda Krausz Sjögren and Jonas Jarl

A World To Live In is a documentary drama portraying four long time Swedish Amnesty International activists.

Four Swedes passionately engaged in the fight for human rights: a teacher, a secretary, a writer and a nurse –

Why have they chosen to devote their comfortable, safe lives in Sweden to the fight for the rights of political prisoners, death row inmates and refugees in far away countries? How has the fight changed their lives?

A World To Live In is a celebration of seemingly ordinary people who do the daily grinding work around the globe for human rights and dignity of others.

The play was commissioned by National Touring theatre (Riksteatern) in 2011, and the production was given to the Swedish Amnesty International section as a birthday present on the 50’th anniversary of the organisation.

A World To Live In was written Hedda Krausz Sjögren och Jonas Jarl and premiered in 10 venues on the same day, including at Södra Teatern in Stockholm where the prolific Greek-Swedish writer Theodor Kallifatides read one of the roles. The artists Gnucci, Anne-Lena Brundin and Emil Jensen and former archbishop KG Hammar are among the persons who have lent their voices to the people portrayed in the play.

The play has since been staged/read in more than 30 cities all over Sweden.


  • Swedish – “En värld att leva i” (Original)